Ad Checklist:
  • Ad is saved as PDF and is PDFX/1a 2001 (A) compliant.
  • All colors are CMYK not RGB, Lab, or indexed color (B).
  • All black is 100% K (B).
  • All fonts embedded in PDF or converted to outlines (B).
  • All full color images don't exceed a 200% total ink limit (B) (C)
  • Your file is clearly labeled with advertiser and run date.

(A) Download PDFX/1a 2001 Adobe Acrobat setting file

(B) Read Creating files for print page. It lists our full print specifications and contains suggestions to create better print files.

(C) Download GP200Limit.csf Photoshop setting file.

About Print Media

Newspapers reach consumers more efficiently than any other medium. While the buzz these days is around online readers and social media, the fact remains that newspapers (especially community newspapers) are the most reliable and trusted means for reaching potential customers.

At Great West Newspapers we believe that solid results for our advertisers is directly linked to producing a quality newspaper with high journalistic standards. A trusted newspaper is a well-read newspaper.

While Great West continues to evolve and embrace technology, we will continue to focus on producing the best newspapers for all the communities that we serve.

Great West Newspapers Readership
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