Great West Newspapers has a network of local Albertan community news websites that deliver over 1,000,000 page views per month. We have changed how we deliver the news to our readers online. We are using the fastest news media platform in the world to deliver breaking news daily to our readers wherever they might be on whatever device they might be using. We are optimized to give our readers the best experience in any format they choose. Our new websites are powered by our local print publications across the province. We are also part of the Village Media network, which operates some of the largest online news sites in the communities they serve. The sites are driven by news and information that appeals to a highly engaged, loyal audience.

We break locally-driven news written by local journalists and cover all of the important issues in your "Village" It's our top priority. We update throughout the day, so when you come back to visit, changes are you'll find something new.

In addition to hard news, we also provide information that is important to the community that you won't find in most media. We like to write stories about new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about anything that impacts the heart of the community. Although we are hyper-local in our approach, we also provide national news from The Canadian Press, editorial columnists, entertainment and special features.

We're independent and it shows in everything we do. And we promise that we'll remain fiercely local. Like you.

Advertising Online
Our communities look to our online offering because we are the main source of local news. Our journalists are dedicated to providing readers with the most relevant and timely content possible. Breaking news, blogs, video, contests and other interactive content drive traffic to our sites. All Great West sites are IAB compliant (please see Ad Formats) and we use Google Analytics to track website metrics.

We Can:
  • Deliver rich media and video ads
  • Provide demographics to target market your advertising campaign
  • Give you product options that fit your message
All Advertising sizes are IAB Standard

Ad Formats:

Ad Sizes:
TakeOver: Combines Wallpaper and Tallblock for high visibility, CPM based [ Wallpaper size = 1920 x 800 pixels, Tallblock size = 300 x 600 pixels ]
Masthead: Premium position at the top of each page, equal share of voice [ size = 900 x 150 pixels ]
Tallblock: Surrounds the content area for high visibility, CPM based [ size = 300 x 600 pixels ]
Big Box: Surrounds the content area for high visibility, CPM based [ size = 300 x 250 pixels ]
Side Rotator: Surrounds the content area for high visibility, equal share of voice [ size = 300 x 120 pixels ]

Ad Spes:
Static Ads:
Colour: GIF or JPG; 100 dpi, RGB colour
Maximum file size: 20k
Animation: 15 sec. max. or 3 loop max.
Flash/Rich Media Ads:
Initial file size: 40K
ClickTAG variable: Required as per IAB Canada's universal specifications
Additional file size ("polite" download): 2.2 MB additional (additional bandwidth to be paid by advertiser)
Timing: 15 sec. animation / 30 sec. of video
Frequency: No limit
Expansion: Always collapses on mouseOut; call for limits
Audio: User-initiated only; never automatic
Flash specs: 18 frames per second; minimum player version 6
Read more details on IAB Standards

For Digital Advertising information contact Director, Digital
WILLY GRANT | 780-460-5502
[email protected]